10 Reasons You Need to Head to Australia This Year

If you haven’t visited Australia yet then it is about time that you started thinking about heading down under to enjoy all of the incredible things that this country has in store for you. I went for the second time last year and once again, absolutely loved it. The first time I went I did a three month tour across many of the most popular regions of the country. Having loved Sydney so much, last year I spent three weeks in the city, rented a truck from budget and packed as much in as humanly possible. If you are in any doubt as to why you should b heading to Australia then here are my 10 reasons why you need to go.


Hot all year, all year people!! What better way to kick the winter blues than to head to Oz for some of the that scorching southern hemisphere sunshine.


Across the entire nation there are incredible sights for you to see, from the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Uluru or Ayer’s Rock just outside Alice Springs, the impressive Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Great Ocean Road in the south of the country, Australia has it all.


From cool Melbourne, laid back Perth, bustling Sydney and the natural wonder of Hobart, Australia’s cities are all incredible urban paradises that you will not be disappointed by.


The Aussies really are some of the friendliest people on Earth, they love to have a good time, they are super helpful, especially to tourists and I rarely saw a local without a smile on their faces.

Crazy Festivals

Chinchilla melon festival where they ski on melons, camel racing in Alice Springs and boats made from beer cans, the Aussies have some of the weirdest and most wonderful festivals in the World.


The Aussies really know how to throw a party and whether it is in one of Sydney’s biggest clubs or on the beaches of Western Australia, you won’t have to look far for a crazy party.


Thanks to the climate, the beaches all around the coast of the country are bathed in sunlight and offer some of the finest beaches on the planet. Golden and white sand beaches from Bondi to Cottesloe, incredible places to sunbathe and enjoy the view.


Right around the country you will find some of the best places on Earth to surf, whatever your level is then you can hit the water and enjoy some incredible waves in Australia’s greatest surf spots.


From the Blue Mountains of the south to the incredible Great Barrier Reef on the east coast, Australia is a vast land that is chock full of outstanding natural wonders.


Barbecues and seafood, street food and fine dining, you name it, Australia has it and if you are a food vulture then you will find some of the World’s finest food right here in Oz.

So there you have it, 10 reasons why you need to go to Australia this year and the best part, I could easily name 20 more reasons why you can’t avoid this incredible country.

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