10 Signs You’re Addicted to Travel

You’ll hardly ever come across a person who doesn’t like travelling, but for some people it goes far beyond just enjoyment. We’re talking about those people who are bitten and probably, completely smitten by the travel bug. So much so that they are always thinking about distant places and thinking about them only in terms of “how much time will it take to reach?”. Are you one of those travel buffs too? Not sure? Check out these 10 vital signs that clearly indicate whether you are addicted to traveling!

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1) You constantly plan future trips – There is never a time when you are not planning where you are going next, even if you are already in the middle of a trip! For you, travelling comes naturally. It’s almost like planning what you are going to have for dinner tomorrow.

2) You are a true omnivore – You can eat anything and everything. And by everything, we do mean everything. You never say no to unknown and exotic food, when on a trip abroad. Studies have shown that people who love adventure also tend to seek adventure in their food choices. Hot or spicy, bizarre or downright ugly looking, travel addicts never say no to foreign foods!

3) You are an expert at packing – It only takes you minutes to pack your essentials and get ready for your next trip. Why, chances are that you always have a traveling backpack ready, if the opportunity comes beckoning!

4) You have different types of currencies in your wallet – Well, you never know when you are off to your next trip right? Why not have a few of each of the most common currencies (the Euros, Dollars, Yens, Roubles and such) in the wallet, because you know, just in case.

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5) You can sleep anywhere – It doesn’t matter if you have to stay a night in a luxury hotel suite or in a not so comfy shack at the edge of a dense forest. You are always at home. Sleeping in the airport lounge while waiting for your next flight, feels the same as sleeping in your own bed back at home.

6) You only TIVO the travel channel – More than the current state of affairs or sports, it is knowledge about exotic destinations that intrigue you. Even when on the internet, you scan the YouTube or Netflix for travel documentaries and videos instead of latest Hollywood movies.

7) All of your uploaded photos are travel photos – Whether it is your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account, they are all replete with photos of each and every destination you have ever been to. For every “ordinary” pic online, you have at least 10 travel pics uploaded!

8) Jet lag and delayed flights don’t bother you – Just got down from a 10-hour flight? No problem. Flight got cancelled at the last moment? Ok, great! A true travel addict treats these unexpected obstacles as a chance to seek a whole new adventure. So, instead of sleeping your time away at a hotel room or airport lounge, you opt for a last minute escapade!

9) You are excellent at communication – Language and cultural differences notwithstanding, you are always good at reading people and getting along with them. Although, it certainly helps to know a foreign language or two (or five, for that matter), you know what matters is a good body language and friendly facial expression.

10) Your bucket list comprises 99% “places to visit” – Instead of a to-do list, your bucket list more resembles a “to-visit” list. Filled with as much as 99% with places to visit, your constant worry is that you wont be able to visit all of them before time runs out.

There you go. The most important 10 signs you’re addicted to travel. How many of these symptoms checked out with you?!

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