3 Must See Wine Regions in South America

If you are a wine lover then why not consider taking your next vacation in a region where some of the World’s best wine is produced. Across the World there are wine routes and tours which allow you to see how and where the wines are produced as well as being able to sample some of the fine produce.

One of the most exciting locations for New World wines right now is South America and if you want a holiday that will introduce to some of the best wine regions on earth and give you an experience that you will never forget then here are the top 3 regions which we recommend for you.

Mendoza, Argentina

If the lure of the World’s finest Malbec wasn’t enough to tempt you to come to this incredible region of Argentina then surely the backdrop of the Andean mountain range and the modern towns with its art-deco structures will be enough. Mendoza not only produces some of South America’s greatest reds but also some of the World’s finest and you can tour one of the may bodegas (wineries) and see for yourself how they grown the grapes, select and press them and of course, some of the tips on how they make such great wines. You vacation can also pack in some sightseeing around the beautiful city of Mendoza plus some mountain activities.

Maipo Valley, Chile

Chile’s wine making skills have been growing at a rapid rate in recent years and they have boomed renowned for their carmeneres and pinot noirs. The most famous valley in Chile is no doubt the Maipo Valley, a land with lush green hills and outstanding wineries like Concha and Toro. The tours of these regions are brilliantly put together and there are many which allow you to see 3 or 4 different wineries in a single tour and sample some of the outstanding Chilean wines on offer.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Uruguay’s cosmopolitan capital is not only a great city to visit, just a short ferry ride away from the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires, Montevideo also produces some classy New World wines. Fantastic wineries like the Bodega  Carrau and the Bouza Bodega have been taking visitors around their award-winning wineries for years, showing off their outstanding wines and letting tourists in on a few secrets. The city of Montevideo is tight and compact yet still manages to feel like a relaxing place where you can spend an enjoyable week learning about the Uruguayan culture. The wineries are not far outside the city and there is a designated wine route which has been set up so that you can make the most of this region and ensure that your tastebuds sample the finest of Uruguayan wine.

These are just our top 3 selections for South American wine regions to visit amongst a huge amount, if you decide that South America is for you, just make sure you spend some time learning Spanish before you go, then you can guarantee some excellent wine tours throughout this exciting continent.

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