5 Beautiful Areas To Visit In Morocco

The north African country of Morocco is an outstanding place to visit, thousands of kilometers of desert broken up by intriguing and culturally rich cities and towns which operate within the traditions of this religious nation. For tourists, Morocco offers a wide variety of Arab culture and African scenery which will gives its visitors a trip which they are not likely to forget in a hurry. The locals in Morocco are wonderful people, always looking to help a tourist and show off the pride which they have in their country. If you are planning on visiting Morocco then here are 5 beautiful areas which you should be heading too.


Marrakesh is an incredible city and a visit here feels as though you are stepping back in time. The city is low level as there is a rule in place that says nothing can be built higher than the grand mosque, this gives the city a uniquely open feel to it. Within the city walls you will find bustling squares and lively souks, the grandest of which is the Medina which covers a large part of Marrakesh and offers mazy like pathways with stalls selling everything that you can think of. Accommodation here is beautiful with many old style Arabic buildings converted into luxury resorts.


Western Morocco’s largest port and commercial hub Casablanca lies on the western side of the country, here, tourists will find miles of virgin beaches and gain an insight into Morocco’s colonial past. The center of Casablanca still displays much of the architecture and culture that was left from years of colonial French rule and the artwork which can be found in the museums is an amazing blend of European and Moorish culture. This is a great city to visit which offers the perfect combination of sea and city.


Almost destroyed by an earthquake in the 80s, Agadir has since rose to prominence as one of the most popular tourist destinations. Thanks in part to the stunning beaches which face the Atlantic ocean and in part to its prime location at the foot of the Anti-Atlas mountains. Agadir has the perfect infrastructure for tourists with luxury resorts and several traditional restaurants, cafes and hookah bars just waiting to show the tourists some Moroccan culture.


The capital of Morocco is a cosmopolitan city and one of the country’s busiest ports thanks to its location between Europe and Africa. This ultra modern city has not forgotten its heritage and there are several large medinas throughout the city. The old grand medina has been converted into a museum which houses several artifacts from the palaces of sultans past and the explosion of culture here thanks to its location is incredible.


Often considered the nation’s culture capital, Fes is a city in northern Morocco houses some of the finest Arabic and Moorish architecture. Throughout the city you will find intricate sculptures and medieval carvings which have been near-perfectly maintained throughout the years. Fes was once the capital city of Morocco and you can see why when you visit, this powerful display of Moroccan culture is a treat for the sense and you will not regret a trip up north when you visit Fes.

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