5 of the Best Beaches In the Algarve

Whether it’s a short visit or a regular holiday spot, the Algarve, in Portugal, is a beautiful place to escape to. Not only can you find amazingly fresh produce such as fish, oranges, figs, almonds, and seafood, but you will also find an abundance of sunshine and beautiful blue water. Many of the Algarve’s beaches have Blue Flag awards and with over 200 kilometres of shoreline, escaping to a beautiful beach has never been easier.


Praia da Marinha or Navy Beach

This beach, with its stunning cliff faces and aqua blue waters, has been named one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe. You may have seen photos of this beach without even knowing it as it is one of the most photographed beaches in the region. Its beautiful outcroppings allow a calmness which results in some great snorkeling or exploring the nearby coves by boat. Whilst not one of the most secluded beaches it is quiet enough that you should be able to find a space to settle in for the day.

Ilha da Barreta, Faro or Deserta Beach

If you’re looking for quiet beach front that stretches for miles, then Ilha da Barreta offers just that. Ten kilometres of beautiful secluded sand is waiting for you. The reason for this beach’s peaceful surroundings is that the trek into the beach involves secluded marshland. Once you hit the beach though, you will understand why it has made this list. With plenty of bird life, including flamingos and turns, as well as kilometres of quiet, pristine beach front, you would be hard pressed to find a quieter stretch of beach in the Algarve region.


Falesia Beach

Named after the cliffs that surround this popular beach, Falesia offers stunning views and beautiful, crystal clear water. If you like to lay back wearing your Ray-Ban glasses and read your favourite book while relaxing in the sun, you can rent a sun bed along this popular stretch of beach. Dolphins have also been reported to come into the shallow waters to swim around those enjoying the water. If you’re looking for a good beach walk you can start out at Falesia and walk to Villamoura, strolling through the sand and water the whole way.

Salema Beach

Salema Beach is located in an old fishing village on the western end of the Algarve. The beach offers some of the cleanest sand, water, and facilities around. Look up and you are surrounded by beautiful orange cliff faces that dominate the scenery. Salema Beach has received a ‘Blue Flag’ award, which is an award that is presented for the beaches that have the cleanest of waters and surrounding areas. After relaxing at the beach you can stroll through the cobblestone streets and unwind with some good food and good conversation with the friendly locals.


Barill Beach

Situated on the island of Ilha de Tavira, this beach is a family favourite, featuring a miniature train that children and adults love to travel on. Once you pull up at the beach you will find acres of space to play in the beautiful, clean waters. The beach is surrounded by cafés and places to grab a bite to eat. The history surrounding this beach and its local area is also a bonus and can be seen in the surrounding buildings. Whether you choose to walk the bridges and paths out to the beach or take the miniature train, Barill Beach and its surrounding areas are well worth the hike to enjoy a day at the beach.

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