6 Gorgeous Unheard of Islands in Europe

Away from all of the outstanding countries in Europe, there are some secret locations, hidden away islands which offer enchantment and excitement. Not many people tour these magical islands and fewer speak about them but we have toured the length and breadth of Europe in search of the most quaint and attractive little islands where you can get away from it all in a remote and tranquil setting. Let’s take a look then at some of the gorgeous islands which we have picked out.

Grinda, Sweden

The Stockholm archipelago is filled with over 2,000 islands and one of our favorites and most beautiful is Grinda. This easy-to-reach nature reserve is 2 hours away from the capital and offers a beautiful nature reserve with large cliff faces and beautiful beaches. The island has a really fresh allure to it, untouched and ready for you to relax in peace and tranquility.

Colonsay, Scotland

This tiny island in the Outer Hebrides is one of the most beautiful islands in Europe, with little to no life here it is the perfect place to escape life’s stresses and be at one with nature. Your soundtrack will be the crashing of the waves on the virgin shore and the sea birds cawing. If you want some adventure on the island then you can try out some dine jumping or climb one of he craggy peaks for a better view of this beautiful island .

Sark, The Channel Islands

Just off the coast of Normandy is this beautiful little island which appears almost pre-historic and such is the low population and crime of the area, there is only one policeman on the island, this should give you an insight into the tranquil nature of Sark. The key feature of this beautiful island is its severe lack of light pollution which leads to one of the finest blanket of stars that you can see in Europe.

Tresco, Isles of Scilly

This is the largest privately owned island in Britain, an hour or two by ferry from Devon and Cornwall and open to the public, this island gives its visitors a real 1970s British seaside feel. On this glorious little island you will find golden sands, fisherman’s trawlers and sailing boats scattered along the shore, you can stroll along the deserted beaches and enjoy a climate that is around 10 degrees warmer than any British beach.

Texel, Netherlands

For those wishing to truly get away from it all, Texel, just off the northern coast of the Netherlands is the perfect place to do it. You are unlikely to see another soul as you wander across the isolated beaches or take on one of the cycling trails that navigates the island. Rugged hills and green pastures are what sets the backdrop for the sandy beaches here and if you want a gorgeous European island which feels like you have it all to yourself then Texel is the place for you.

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