8 Late Christmas Gift Ideas for the Friend You Forgot

It’s been a few weeks since Christmas, and you still haven’t shown yourself to your friends because you forgot to buy them gifts. If this is you, what do you do? Well, you’ve found your saving grace because here are 8 late Christmas gift ideas for you, to gift the friend who forgot.

  1. 2018 calendars and journals

If you give your friends 2018 calendars and journals, it’s almost as if you didn’t forget to get them Christmas gifts. After all, there’s still a lot of 2018 left for them to use your gift. Just tell them to skip the first few days of the year and then they’re good to go.

  1. Matching shirts for your friend group

You’ve been so late to the gift game that you’re starting to feel the overwhelming embarrassment of forgetting to buy gifts for your friends. To hide your embarrassment, try tugging at their heartstrings by getting your group of friends some matching shirts that you can wear when you take group selfies together.

  1. A good pair of socks

As children, everyone hated receiving socks for Christmas. But, nowadays, socks are on top of every adult’s Christmas wish list because, well, who has time to buy their own socks? Get your friends a cosy pair that they can wear when they’re too lazy to get out of bed, so they’d think that you really care about their comfort and happiness.

  1. A good book

Another non-Christmas-themed gift that your friend will appreciate is a good book, hopefully, something that they’ve been dying to read. It may also give you a good excuse on why you’re giving it to them this late. Just blame Amazon and their unreliable shipping service for when your friend complains.

  1. A reservation to their favourite restaurant

Feeling a little bit generous? Well, you should be! After all, you forgot to get your friend a Christmas gift. To make up for it, take them to their favourite restaurant or the one they haven’t tried out yet but have been planning to, and pay for the dinner for two.

  1. A basket of their favourite snacks

What’s the way to any person’s heart? It’s obviously through their stomachs. So, if you want to make up for the fact that you’re giving your friend a Christmas gift just now, put together a basket of their favourite snacks. Chips, gummy worms, chocolate bars—spoil them to death because they deserve it.

  1. A piece of jewellery engraved with the word “BFFs”

Here’s another way to convince your friend that it isn’t your fault if you didn’t give them a Christmas gift on time. Tell them that it took a while to engrave four letters on the necklace or bracelet that you’re giving them.

  1. An “I promise to get you two gifts next Christmas” card

Honesty is still the best policy, right? If your conscience can’t bear the weight of the lie that you’re planning to tell your friend. Just be honest and give them a card that promises two gifts next Christmas. However, make sure that you stick to your promise this time, lest your friend breaks up with you when Christmas comes.

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