Amazon Rainforest: Wanderlust

Without visiting the Amazon Rainforest, no trip to Ecuador will be complete! Named after the female warriors of Greek mythology, the Amazon is within itself a place mythical which pleases the eyes. Travellers do not only wander into the jungles to admire gigantic trees and breath-taking rivers, but also to enter the very fountain of life. The air that we breathe, the water that we drink and the weather we appreciate. Even if an adventure offers the feeling of being in a discovery channel serial, it is more sublime: canoeing in the waters, dozing in a hammock on a boat and waking as the howler monkeys cry. As you flow on the largest river, admire the little things that make it worthwhile.

The best way to experience the jungle at its best is by staying at a Jungle lodge. Most of the lodges offer private rooms, family-style dishes and daily trips. Other amenities like bathrooms and electricity may vary, depending on your choice. Some tours even propose a chance to sleep in the forest, nights in established camps and survival tours which are hikes for two or three days. Wondering how the hikes are? Take a glimpse of the beauty of the Amazon forest by rolling the reels of Amazon Queen Slot at Ted Bingo. This slot game is themed on the Greek warriors and the backdrop shows the immense Amazon forest while the symbols are animals and fruits you can see in these forests. Enjoy this game at Ted Bingo, anytime you wish! One of the best lodges you can consider is Uakari Lodge in Mamirauá Reserve. If you’re living amidst the jungles, you might wake up to the cries of black caimans and the snort of friendly dolphins.

As such, there are no ideal time to visit the forest: it all depends on what you wish to see. The Amazon around Manaus is much more than a large river, it’s more of an inland sea! It bursts with water, especially during the wet season which lasts from November to May. The water might rise from 5 to 10 cm during the floods and the forests around the rivers from small areas called varzea (on brown-water rivers) and igapó (on black-water rivers). The trees are submerged to their canopies and it is possible to water-travel between the trunks for admiring wildlife. As the boats slide through the trees, you might see fishes jumping into the bows. During the floods, it is also possible to canoe for more than ten kilometres away from the main river, as igapós and varzea connects one river to another!

In the dry season, the rivers maintain their main flow, letting mudflats and long beaches of whiter than white sands. You could even see caiman and river turtles basking in the mid-day sun, and wildlife is more see able during that period of the year. The various trees found in the rainforest of the Amazon bear fruits at distinct times of the year, multiple times – this attracts primates, macaws and massive parrots.

If you’re planning to go there anytime soon, forget your expectations and let the Amazon Rainforest impress you!

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