Best Beaches To Visit in The Philippines

The Philippines, a south east Asian country which is actually a collection of over 7,000 islands, many people will know the Philippines for its capital, Manilla but what few people fail to give it credit for are its outstanding beaches. As you can imagine, a nation that is compiled of over 7,000 islands offers up some pretty special beaches and a wide variety of them at that.

We have toured a great amount of beaches sin the Philippines and want dot bring you our list of which are the bets to visit during your stay in this incredible Asian country. Without further ado, here are the best beaches in the Philippines.

El Nido, Palawan

Insane natural beauty and a vast and intricate ecosystem is what you will find on our favorite beach in the Philippines and number 14 on CNN’s list of the top 100 beaches in the World. If you are looking for paradise then here it is, a white sand beach that is lapped with turquoise water and a surrounding area of marine life sanctuaries, lagoons and rocky caves to explore. If you want to go to the best beach in the Philippines, then El Nido is where you need to go.

Boracay, Alkan

Just south of Manila is the island of Boracay, one of the Philippines most popular tourist spots and an island which offers some of the finest beach sin the country. Such is the level of tourism here that the beaches are very active and you can find a wide range of water sports and beach-side activities that will keep you busy whilst you lap up the sun. This is also one of the best jumping off points in the country for scuba diving and you can see an incredible number of species not too far from the island shore. These beautiful beaches also featured on the CNN list and if you want to tick another one off then head on over to the glorious White Beach in Boracay.

Samal Island, Davao City

Far, far from Manila, 1400 kilometers in fact, is the Garden City of Samal, one of the hottest vacation spots in the Philippines and a region which boasts white and pink sandy beaches that are set in front of lush greenery and sandwich between trees and sparkling waters. There are so many different resorts here that the beach is part and parcel of your daily life and as such, all of the amenities that you could wish for are right here. Despite its popularity however, there is still some hidden away beaches that you can find to relax in peace and tranquility should you desire. In order to get to this beautiful part of the Philippines you will have to fly in to nearby Davao City and then take a ferry to the island. Your hard work of traveling will pay off however once you reach the shores of this stunning island.

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