Best Skin Care Products For Airplane Travel


Flying can be fun, but the airplane is not ideal for your skin care routine. Not only does the airplane present a dry, cool environment which your skin may not be used to, but long flights can also put a damper in your regular skin care routine. Here are some tips for airplane travel skin care:

Gage Your Time: Your needs in terms of skin care products will vary by the duration of your flight. For instance, if you have an hour-long flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, you will likely not need much in terms of skin care or makeup products in your carryon, assuming that you are planning to check at least one of your bags. If, however, you are traveling to another continent, you may want to bring makeup remover, moisturizer and your basic makeup onto the plane so that you can arrive at your destination with a fresh face.

Plan Ahead for Carry-On Guidelines: The amount of liquid that you can bring onto the plane is restricted by carry-on regulations. This means that you may not be able to bring your favorite liquid makeup remover and serum on your flight. While you can bring several small bottles of makeup products, you should double check the maximum size before you begin packing. If necessary, you can pour your favorite products into smaller bottles to help you get by on long flights- then securely package the rest in your checked baggage.

Moisturize: Because the airplane is usually dry and cool, you will need to moisturize. A hyaluronic acid skin care product such as a serum that contains hyaluronic acid, or a hyaluronic acid moisturizer, should do the trick.

Caring for your skin is important, and entirely manageable, no matter how much your itinerary may vary. While the extra planning for the trip may take some time out of your day, the results will certainly be worth it in the long run.

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