Best Ways to Stay Entertained on Your Next Long Layover

Sometimes getting a layover flight is just unavoidable: it’s either cheaper than a direct flight or maybe your origin airport doesn’t offer direct flights to your destination. Whatever the reason, having a long layover can be boring as you sit in limbo waiting for your next flight. But there are many ways to use this time effectively and make the most of your layover, so let’s take a look.

Eat the Time Away

Instead of opting for the typical Burger King found in most airports, treat yourself and head to one of the nicer restaurants for a slap-up meal to properly fuel you up for your next flight. There are tonnes of high-quality eateries to be found in airports: Chicago O’Hare houses Tortas Frontera, which serves awesome Mexican food both handmade and totally delicious, and their Tortas sandwiches are an absolute must-try. JFK is home to Deep Blue Sushi, a high-end sushi bar serving fresh handcrafted sushi, fried rice and noodle dishes that will make you totally forget you’re in an airport, so be sure not to miss your flight!

Image Credit: Pixabay

Explore the City

Depending on how long your layover is, you can even step out of the airport and check out the city you’re temporarily stranded in. Hop on the next express train or shuttle bus into town and go see the sights! It can be a great way to pass time: hit up some of the museums and learn about the city, find a bar and chat with the locals, take some photos for your Instagram feed or try out the famous dish of whichever city you’re in. It can be a great way to check off more of your bucket list destinations, just make sure to get back to the airport in time!

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Place a Bet

Some airports around the world even have bookmakers: places where you can go and place a bet on your favourite sports team. Is your flight cutting into the big game you wish you could watch? Place a bet and you could have a nice surprise once your flight lands if your team wins! In airports in the UK, you can simply place a wager and then hop onto your next flight, just by using your phone. Many bookies offer a range of sports too; get the latest NHL betting odds and have a punt on the hockey while you wait.

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Get Online

One of the most effective ways to pass time is by browsing the internet, so make sure you can get connected. Lots of airports offer free internet, or if you have a generous data plan then you can put it to good use. Check up on your social media accounts, play some games online, get involved with the group chat and make your friends jealous of your travels, or just put on Netflix and start binge watching that TV show you’ve been meaning to start.

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There are so many ways to use your layover time well and make it into something you enjoy doing, so bear these in mind the next time you fly, and feel free to leave us a comment with the ways you like to spend your layovers!

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