Brazil’s Eco-Tourism Trail – Where To Stay

Eco-tourism is on the rise and in Central and South America especially, there is a ground swell of activity that is leading to more an more locations popping where tourists can enjoy guilt-free travel. Eco-tourism is about traveling to places off the beaten track which are focusing their tourism profits on conservation projects, community initiatives and wildlife preservation efforts and they give tourists an amazing opportunity to be a part of it.

One such country which is ramping up its efforts regarding eco-tourism is Brazil, a land that is packed with millions of acres of glorious rainforest, the incredible River Amazon and thousands of communities and wildlife which need support after so many years of deforestation. If you want to head of the fantastic eco-tourism trail in Brazil then here are some top places for you to stay.

Pousada Picinguaba

For those looking for the finer items in life whilst traveling, this incredible and very remote resort is set equidistance from Sao Paolo and Rio at the edge of the Serra Do Mar National Park. The hotel is completely solar powered and is set amongst one of the finest natural backdrops that you are likely to see in this amazing country. Nothing goes to waste here, everything gets recycled and all of the profits are pumped back into the resort.

The Juma Lodge

If you are heading into the incredible Amazon rainforest then this could be the place for you, a selection of 23 cute little bungalows which nestle into the rainforest, many of which sit on stilts to survive the flood season. Plenty of activities available here and thanks to its location at the heart of the rainforest you can spend your time spotting plenty of wonderful wildlife from alligators to piranhas.

Do Lado De La Eco Lodge

Just inland from the wonderful Rio de Janeiro is this mountainous eco-resort that offers visitors the best in eco-tourism. Food cooked on wood stoves, water used from the river that flows past and plenty of fun adventures to be had in the mountains such as mountain biking tours, lots of hiking and horse riding. The resort uses a hydro-electric generator for its power and it exemplifies what an eco-resort should look like.

Cristalino Jungle Lodge

Thus vast private reserve in the southern Amazon offers visitors a combination of bungalows or shared rooms and it is a great stop off on your eco tour of Brazil. such is the design of the reserve, it is set within the unspoiled natural surroundings and has been built in a way that preserves the delicate ecosystem of this region. Many rules exist here about the number of visitors and the amount of people who can take on the trails in an effort to treat the natural surroundings with the maximum respect that they deserve and in order not to disrupt any of the natural splendor.

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