Enjoying Monaco – How To Live Up a Weekend There In Style

Monaco is a small state which sits on France’s Mediterranean coastline that has, throughout the years, gained a reputation has the playground of the rich and famous. Whilst this is true to a point, Monaco also offers tourists a great place to relax, have fun and enjoy an altogether different side of the French Riviera. Monaco is not a cheap place and as such you will be better served spending just a weekend there, a weekend is enough time to get the most out of Monaco without blowing a fortune and here is how you can do a weekend in Monaco in style.

Larvotto Beach

As far as visiting the beach in Monaco goes, there is only one that you should be going to and that is Larvotto. The most popular and the most beautiful beach in Monaco where you will find calm and tranquil sea. Like many of Monaco’s beaches, this is a pebble-beach rather than sand but that doesn’t take anything away from the beautiful scenery which you will find just a short walk away from Monte Carlo.

Hit The Casino

Monaco has been famous for its gambling since the early 30s and it is arguably the second home of gambling in the World behind Las Vegas. If you want to truly do Monaco in style then visit the Monte Carlo casino to try your luck at beating the house. If you do visit then it is important to know what kind of table you are sitting on as there are some very high limit tables here and you could find yourself locked in a poker battle with some very rich people.

Antique Autos

The Antique Automobile museum is the private car collection of the Prince of Monaco and features some of the most attractive cars which have ever been built. If you are a petrolhead then this will be manna from heaven for you as you will see over 100 classic autos from vintage carriages to the rolls Royce which Grace Kelly used for her wedding day.

Head to the Sea Baths

The sea baths of Monaco, or the Thermes Marins Monte Carlo, is one of the most popular at high class spas on the entire territory. If you can spare an afternoon then head here for one of their award-winning treatments and get that feeling of luxury which Monaco is all about. This is one of the best thought of spas that Monaco has and in order to get a reservation, you will have to make an appointment pretty early.

Visit the Prince’s Palace

Monaco is still ruled by a monarchy and you can visit the home of the Grimaldi family at the Prince’s Palace in Monte Carlo. You will be able to see this lavish house from the outside and you can see the changing of the guard at 1155 each morning. You can, if you so wish, also get a tour of the state rooms to get an idea of the style in which the Prince lives.

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