Flexibility with Glo’s Yoga Online Classes

Many people practice yoga to improve their strength and flexibility. People often don’t consider the importance of maintaining flexibility in the body. It isn’t just for the hard-core yogis or gymnasts. Flexibility is important for maintaining overall physical fitness and it has incredible impacts on the body. Keeping your body flexible can help improve your posture, mobility, and muscle coordination. It has also been proven as a way to prevent injuries and muscle soreness.

You may want to keep your body flexible to maintain your overall health, but if you are intimidated by the advanced yoga classes, check out Glo’s yoga online. They have hundreds of classes for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners alike.

What kind of flexibility classes do they have on the yoga online platform?

Amy Ippoliti’s 7 Days to Total Flexibility

This week-long class is designed to open each area of your body while bringing more flexibility and mobility to your joints and muscles. Many beginners are worried they aren’t flexible enough to start practicing yoga. What they don’t realize is that this is the perfect reason to start practicing it.

Amy has become well known in the yoga world for her passionate teaching style paired with clear instruction and intuitive sequencing. She is also an activist, author, and teacher who seeks to bring the wisdom of the traditional yogis to modern-day life. She has been published in prestigious publications like Mind Body Green, Prevention, and the Yoga Journal. She created 90 Monkeys, an in-person and online yoga school that was designed to help yoga teachers improve their skills in more than 65 different countries.

Flexibility from the Ground-Up

The first 30-minute class in the sequence to flexibility is to create more flexibility in the body from the ground up. You will be moving from your legs to your lower back, adding strength and ease to the joints and muscles along the way. You will be focusing on breathing through the stretches for your calves, lower back, and legs. The standing series is paired with several seated poses.

Wings of the Heart

The second 30-minute class is focusing on opening up the chest, shoulders, and upper back while also stretching your arms. By opening up your “wings” you will begin preparing your body to do backbends. The gentle flow contains static and dynamic poses to create more space within the body. You will finish the class with a spine twist to help rid your body of the toxins it gains throughout your daily life. It will end with the savasana pose to regain clarity for the rest of your day.

Unleash and Go

Day three is all about encouraging your torso to twist, making your back and spine more flexible. As you lengthen your spine, you will do poses like a reverse warrior and revolved triangle before heading into seated twists and gate poses. You will start to notice how the previous classes can help you go deeper into the poses in a safer way, allowing you to become more flexible faster.

Rest Day

Day four in this yoga online series is all about resting to prepare for your stretches for the rest of the week. You will take a few moments in seated meditation to create a sense of ease throughout the entire body. The mindfulness of breathing and connecting with your thoughts will help the rest of your practice.

Get Grounded Hips

One of the final yoga online classes in the flexibility series is focusing on opening up and rotating the hip joints. You will practice poses like the fire log pose, the pigeon, and the baddha konasana to relax one of the stiffest places of your body. The hip openers like savasana and happy baby will wrap up the practice.

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