Have a Real Adventure by Studying Nature in Mexico

When people think about Mexico, they tend to think of Cancun and its beaches and fantastic nightlife. However, what few people realize is that it is also an area of outstanding natural beauty, one that you can experience firsthand thanks to a Cancun yacht rental company. By hiring a yacht, you can travel to various areas of natural beauty and go back on land.

Sights to See in and Near Cancun

There are fantastic things that you can see near Cancun. Some of those can be reached by sea. Others will require you to sail north of south for a little while, after which you can go on land. Some of the key things that you may want to consider include:

  • Playa del Carmen, a beautiful city on the Caribbean Sea. This is the perfect if you are interested in underwater life, but you should also consider the plants, birds, and bugs that live on land. Do also visit XCaret, a nature reserve and zoo.
  • The jungles are absolutely amazing as well, but you do have to make sure that you take a guide. It is all too easy to get lost, and there are some potentially dangerous animals there as well.
  • The Cenotes de Azul.
  • Dos Ojos.

Wildlife Near Cancun

If you are interested in wildlife and you have chartered a yacht, then make sure you look out for:

  • A wealth of marine creatures that you can see without ever leaving your yacht.
  • Iguanas.
  • The Basiliscus basiliscus, or basilisk.
  • Scorpions (mainly in the jungle).
  • Tarantulas.
  • Snakes (mainly in the jungle, although the occasional boa will wonder into populated areas).
  • Exotic birds such as the violaceous trogon, the pileated woodpecker, the cinnamon-colored cuckoo, the Yucatan jay, the currasow, the motmot, and the Toco toucan. If you are interested in birds, then you may want to consider the outdoor aviary in the Playacar region of Playa del Carmen, where you can see all the birds found in the wild in this part of the world.
  • Insects and bugs, including amazing butterflies, fascinating beetles, katydids, and grasshoppers.

One of the great things about a yacht charter is that it gives you the opportunity to watch the sun come up, before the beaches and cities get busy. It is so serene to see this part of the world for what it really is, and an unmissable experience to see it come to life. Plus, when you are on a yacht, you can enjoy various unique swimming, snorkeling, and diving spots, as well as some really secluded beaches.

Truly, Mexico is a fantastic area of natural beauty. While most people who charter a yacht do so for the lifestyle and fun, which is a lot of fun and certainly an experience not to be missed, you should really take the time out to also truly enjoy your surroundings. The natural beauty, the history, and the fantastic culture are all right there for you to immerse yourself in.

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