High Street to High End Shopping: Getting the Most Out of Your Hard Earned Money

Shopping on the high street can be so much fun, and don’t you just love it when you have a couple of high end items to call your own? The problem though, is it’s never fun to let go of your hard earned money. In this article, we have packed some great tips to help you save big when next go high end shopping.


Okay, we agree that this is one word any good Brit would like to have knocked off the dictionary; it is simply not the Briton way! But, haggling really doesn’t have to be rude, impolite, or embarrassing. Here, we’ll tell you how to do it.

For your first haggle, you might want to start with an item that has a defect. It doesn’t have to be something serious; it can be a blouse with a lipstick stain on it or a shoe with a mark on the sole. Point out the defect to the cashier and ask if you can get the item for a reduced price. Chances are they will agree to let you have it for a 10% discount at least.

Find something that has a bit more of a defect that a stain? You might even get a bigger discount (if you bargain well) because the shop will rather let you have it than risk not getting paid by their insurance company for accidental damage.

Become a voucher pro

One of the easiest way to score a good bargain anytime you go shopping is to use vouchers. One way to always be in the know when a new voucher is up is to follow your favourite brands on social media. If you prefer to shop once in a while and would rather not be tempted by every offer, that’s fine too. Just be sure the social media feeds of the brands you are looking to buy from to see if there have been any recent voucher codes.

Another way is to let Google Shopper help you when searching for the item you are looking to buy. Enable the shopping option in search and you’ll find the item as offered by different online retailers so you can easily compare prices.

Also, you know how those annoying prompts pop up on your screen offering you a free voucher if you sign up for a newsletter? Use them. One more voucher tip; look for websites that keep updated records of voucher codes.

Request a price match

Do a bit of research and find the lowest price by a reputable seller for a particular product you are interested in. You can print out the page with the retailer, product, and price and take it to the store you would like to buy from. There is a good chance they will match the price. Bargain scored!

Why not start today to test out your newly acquired knowledge on shopping high street for less?

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