How to Plan a Stylish Vacation in Los Angeles

California is no stranger to those who enjoy the finer aspects of life. Home to many famous celebrities and ordinary people who simply enjoy a fancier standard of living, the state caters to a wide variety of interests. If you have been working hard and looking for a spot to unwind, you can rent a Los Angeles beach house, shop till you drop and enjoy some well-earned down time.

One of the great things about Los Angeles is that it is a city that can be great to visit any time of year. There is always something going on in this bustling metropolis. If you are a long term planner, you can create your plan months in advance by booking apartment cleaning Chicago or another cleaning service wherever you live in the country to maintain your place while you’re away, and day dream about all the fun things you will be doing for your get away. If you are more of a last minute planner, Los Angeles is a great city for a spur of the moment getaway. LAX is such a major domestic and international airport that a person can often find plenty of last minute deals in and out of the city. So whatever your planning style, LA will be ready for you.

Some of the biggest ideas in fashion, design and art come out of this diverse metropolis. A trip to LA for many people is a chance to splash out and step into a different lifestyle for a little bit. Although many hard working people might not be able to own their own mansion or have entire wardrobe of designer clothes, they can rent a mansion for a bit of time or have a few select purchases on nice clothes. So if you have been looking for a place to let loose and live it up, here are some things to do in Los Angeles.

Find Amazing Accommodation

Most people when they book their holiday simply go online, look for a hotel, pay and book. It is a bit of the same old, same old. What if you could shake things up a bit and instead pick out your own luxury mansion to stay in for a few nights? Many people do not think of this option, but it is possible to dip your toes into this other lifestyle and rent a private villa just for you and your group. Particularly if you are going on your trip with a group of friends or sharing as a family, by splitting the cost, you could find yourself swimming the lap of luxury for less than you think. There are tons of different villas scattered throughout the city. You could be tucked up into the hills or enjoying looking out at the sunsets over the beach. So have a look and see if you might be able to find some unique accommodation offerings for your stay.

Shop Rodeo Drive

This almost goes without saying that if you are into fashion and design you will want to make your way down Rodeo Drive. This is where Julia Roberts famously walked down the street with bags a plenty under her arms in the movie “Pretty Woman.” Some of the world’s biggest names in fashion display their designs along this drive. This is the place where deeply lined pockets and average shoppers combine. You may not be able to gulp down a lot of actual purchases along this row, but nothing says you can’t dress up and pretend you are a serious contender. Plenty of people spend a good part of the day wandering through the stores as price sticker shock slowly starts to wear off. So grab your best outfit and hit the street and look for deals. You may just end up with a bag or two under your arm.

Drive Sunset Boulevard

This road may just one of the most iconic roads in America. Sunset Boulevard has been beckoning people to its palm lined street for decades. The road is sometimes referred to guitar row as well owing to the large number of guitar and music related stores along its path. Spanning about 22 miles in total length, visitors can opt to drive the strip themselves or go on an organized tour. It’s wise to check the traffic at the time you want to go as the road can get congested at that ideal sunset hour.

Stroll along Venice Beach

Fitting in a day at the beach is a way to pass a day like a local. Venice Beach has long been known as a people watching mecca. This bohemian place attracts body builders, runners and radical pamphleteers.   You never know who or what you are going to see along this patch of sand. If you want to have a lower spending day, pack up a picnic, grab a book and Frisbee and pass the day away with a relaxing day on the beach. This is also a great place to stay on track with your exercise schedule if you are a runner or fancy doing some yoga with that blue ocean as your back drop.

Go to Concert at Hollywood Bowl

This is the place to party like a rock star or at the very least, see where they have performed. Hollywood Bowl has hosted many famous musicians and artists on its stage from the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Alicia Keys. Home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic in the summer, you never know what type of show the venue might be putting on.

As you assess where you want to go for your next vacation, don’t overlook a trip to Los Angeles. This city has so much going on and offers a chance to live out a little of that Hollywood dream.

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