Keeping yourself in shape when abroad

You spent the entire winter season in the gym in preparation for this weeklong extravaganza known as your well-earned yearly vacation. In total, you have lost four dress sizes and 45 pounds, in addition to gaining a sleek physique. By the time you and your companions have boarded the plane, though, you have ingested, between yourselves, three calorie-bomb meals and downed a couple of wine spritzers, three B-52s, and two apple martinis. You all are officially lit. Between the poolside open bar and the three carb and fat-laden, all-inclusive meals, you are definitely working your way into those elastic-waisted pants. However, not until you accidentally glance at yourself in the mirror do you notice a little bloat. Never fear – one can remain in shape while traveling abroad.

Staying in shape while abroad involves paying attention to what you eat and what you do. You can eat healthy food while remaining active, all while enjoying your respite. All of this can be done with a little planning.

What to eat

Because being on vacation mandates being on the go, grabbing the closest, most convenient food can result in taking in unwanted calories. If staying at an all-inclusive resort, eating from a buffet that serves high-fat, tasty meals three times a day can also be another calorie trap.

Before traveling, download a nutritional app that helps keep track of calories and water intake. To avoid taking in excessive fats, consider a vegetarian diet that guarantees you get needed fiber that rids the body of excess oils and fat. Try not to eat excessively large meals. Instead, eat small meals that include healthy snacks, throughout the day. Snack items such as yogurt, nuts and fruit can be eaten throughout the day to stave off the hunger that causes overeating. Finally, consider staying in a place where you can cook your own food, to control what you eat.

Because the whole purpose of vacationing is to relax, vacationing becomes the time to over-indulge. Sugary soda and alcoholic beverages, in addition to those cervezas, are empty calories. To counteract the effects of alcohol and sugar while on vacation, consider drinking a lot of water to avoid dehydration. Because some places cannot guarantee water quality, consider traveling with water, but stay hydrated.

Remember, all these months of planning your menus were so you can enjoy your vacation, so please indulge. If there is a slice of chocolate cake you want, eat it. If that rich sauce has a little too much cream in it, but it is the one of choice to top pasta, indulge and take pleasure in eating your food. Just do it in moderation, so as not to feel deprived.

What to do

Vacationers do not necessarily need to bring the gym on vacation unless they want to, because, by virtue of being on vacation, there are so many opportunities to stay active.

If you must have a traditional workout, one can use the natural environment to exercise, or if the resort has a gym, use it. Commit to doing lunges, squats, push-ups and crunches for 15 to 20 minutes in the morning. This set of calisthenics can be followed by a brisk walk, swim or run on the beach or sidewalks that make up the resort.

However, one can also burn enough calories while doing common activities people engage in while on vacation. For example, if going to a beach locale, vacationers can engage in a game of beach volleyball or participate in any number of water activities, including surfing, canoeing and yolo boarding. If not on the beach this year for your vacation, consider touring museums and other monuments that will give your vacation a culturally-infused boost, in addition to burning calories while on the walk.

Whether participating in beach activities or touring country landmarks, you should encourage those travelling with you to participate in activities, so you are not alone.

Also, pack appropriate clothing. For those morning workouts, space pants or compression pants are easy to pack and wash after daily use.

Vacation is the culmination of a year’s worth of hard work. For those who have invested the time and energy into sculpting their physique for the trip to respite and happiness, the enjoyment of posturing on the beach as the sun beams down on each and every pec is the return on that investment.

However, one can still enjoy this respite while keeping that stunning body, by just planning what to eat and what to do.

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