Mumbai: The City of Colourful Dreams

Mumbai is the economic and entertainment capital of India. The country cannot function with this city that makes millions of dreaming of their destiny. It holds significance as one of the foremost metropolitan cities that were formed in India. Mumbai has actually become a melting pot for people coming from different states of India. It is an equal mix of the heritage sites and the modern dreams of the current generation. The Hornby vellard project adjoined the seven islands into the Mumbai that we see today. It is a major seaport due to its location on the Arabian Sea. We can never leave out Bollywood when we are talking about Mumbai.

Being a major metropolitan city of India, Mumbai is well-connected to all parts of the world through the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Dubai to Mumbai flights is easily available for every day of the week. The airport services are great and you can go to places all over the world.

Mumbai is the hub of culture and also a metropolitan city, so we can guess that it will have a lot of destinations that we can include in our itinerary. Here are some of the places that you can visit:

  • Marine Drive:Let us start with one of the most beautiful and romantic destinations that you will find in Mumbai. The Marine drive is basically a boulevard created along the South Mumbai coast. You will find couples and people sitting by the sea any time of the day. Enough food stalls are available beside it so that you can have a nice and fulfilling time.
  • Elephanta Caves: People who are interested in the history of Mumbai or Maharashtra will definitely enjoy the Elephanta Caves. It is a masterpiece of architecture and contains beautiful carvings. Some caves are from the Buddhist tradition and some dedicated to the Hindu traditions. It has received the honour of being a UNESCO Heritage site. Some important sculptures include that of the Gangadhar, Ardhanareshwar, and Trimurti etc.
  • Mahakali Caves:This destination isn’t very popular among people, but it does play an important role in the history of Mumbai. The series of caves were decorated in the duration from 1st to the 6th You will find Buddhist stupas in the main cave and everything has been carved from Black Basalt rock. The walls have scriptures engraved in Pali and the caves are an amazing example of the rock-cut architecture of ancient India.
  • Juhu Beach: The beach is a popular stop for the tourists and several Bollywood films have showcased this place. In the evenings you will get tasty chat shops selling you all kinds of mouth-watering delicacies. The beach also looks forward to the posh area where several Bollywood stars have their lavish homes. People should never miss the soothing sunset of the Juhu beach.

Mumbai is an important part of India and you cannot forget the place once you visit it. Mumbai has a lifeline that has its own heartbeat and you will need to feel it before you fall in love, so definitely give the place a visit.

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