Pick your Spot: Insider Tips for Incredible Low-Cost Vacations

When you’ve been working hard all year, it’s natural to look forward to your next vacation. There are lots of magnificent places to visit around the world, but many of them are notoriously expensive. However, there are locations around the world that won’t break the bank and are equally beautiful. Here are some low-cost alternatives for exotic vacations.


Portugal is one of the best bargain destinations you can find in Europe. It offers beautiful beaches, affordable accommodations, cheap public transportation and great food. Keep in mind that flights and hotels are typically more expensive there during the summer months, as this is their tourist season. To take advantage of the best prices, it’s best to either book your trip months in advance or visit during the spring and autumn, when the weather is dry, bright and mild.


If you’ve ever considered a trip to Mexico, this is a great time to take it. You can get upward of 17 pesos to the dollar these days, making it easy to travel throughout the country on a low budget. Dorm beds are easily found for under $10 a night and food carts are found at almost every corner, serving tacos, tortas (Mexican sandwiches) and tamales for what amounts to spare change. While Mexico is well-known for its pricier beach resorts like Cabo and Cancun, but you can save lots of money going to some of the lesser-known beaches in towns like Puerto Escondido, Tulum and Mazatlan. If you’re trying to save money to pay off your student loans, this is a great alternative to the more expensive Spring Break trips everyone’s familiar with. Click here for more information about your student loans.


Cambodia is a notoriously cheap place to visit for a vacation. While travelers were once afraid to travel within the boundaries of this exotic Southeast Asian country, it has since become popular with backpackers and others seeking five-star luxury accommodations without the matching price tag. The Siddharta Boutique Hotel in Siem Reap is a magnificent place to stay, complete with an outdoor saltwater pool, French and Asian cuisine, balconies with garden views and all the amenities you’d expect in a Western resort. Don’t forget to check out the ancient temples of Angkor Wat and some of the amazing islands along the Cambodian coast.


Travel fares to Ireland have fallen considerably in recent years, making it more accessible to budget minded travelers than ever before. There’s plenty to do in the capital city of Dublin without spending too much. You can check out the massive collection of rare books at the world-famous Chester Beatty Library, take a leisurely stroll with the deer in Phoenix Park or spend an afternoon shopping at the Blackrock Market (Dublin’s oldest weekend market). Treasures to visit outside Dublin include the Viking Triangle in Waterford City, the Titanic pier in Cobh (where the final passengers boarded the infamous ship) and the tombs of the Deserted Village on Achill Island.


If North Africa is calling your name, Morocco is a fantastic choice. Visitors can take a drive through the Atlas mountains, ride across the Sahara desert on a camel’s back or just enjoy a picturesque sunset over the dunes. Tours are easily organized from Marrakech and since most of the tours stick to the same routes, you’re likely to rub elbows with many fellow travelers from around the world. Food is also cheap and plentiful in Morocco, with fast food shops and street stalls just about everywhere.

As you can see, there’s no reason to stay home during your designated vacation time. There are lots of exotic vacation spots throughout the world that are surprisingly inexpensive. All that’s left for you to do is pack your bags and go.

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