How to Plan a Girly Roadtrip

One of my favorite ways to go traveling is to head off on to the open road with my girls in the car, nobody loves to talk more than us so it gives us a great chance to catch up and to have some fun. It is not just the car journey which we love, we all take turns deciding on a destination, load the car and off we go for days at a time to have some good times. The key to  a great road trip is not just the company but also the preparation. You need to make sure that you plan well to ensure that you can have the best time possible. If you are planning a girly road trip then here are some tips to get you organized.

Check the Car

I appreciate that it doesn’t do anything for the female stereotype but I literally know nothing about cars and how they should run, what fluids it needs or even how to pump the tires up. For this reason I always take my car down to the local garage to get it checked over before heading off on the road, the last thing I need is a breakdown.


Getting the music prepared is an important job and you and the girls need to make sure that you have plenty of cheesy tunes to sing-a-long to whilst you’re on the road. I know my friends pretty well and as such, I can always put together a decent playlist so that we can all be hairbrush hero’s as we karaoke our way through the country.


Singing, talking and laughing is hungry work and you should make sure that you are loaded up with snacks for the journey. I like to put a cool box together with sandwiches, fruit, crisps and sweets along with a little water and a bottle of wine for when we arrive. There will be shops along the way but who wants to stop when you’re having so much fun.


Whilst you do have absolute freedom when you’re on the road to go wherever you please, you should try and pencil in a few stops along the route. This will not only break up the driving time but also give you the chance to do a little shopping in a new place or even stop for a bite to eat. If you have these stops pre-planned then it takes the pressure off having to make a decision whilst you are on the road.


The idea of the road trip is not just about going somewhere new, it is also about packing as much fun into the journey as possible and for us, that means playing games. There are so many fun games which you can play inside the car,  have a look online if you need some inspiration. Playing games is a great laugh and helps the journey go that little bit quicker.

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