Remaining Sober While Traveling: What You Need to Know

Let’s admit it, staying sober while trying to travel is definitely not easy. For a lot of people, the whole purpose of traveling to a particular location is specifically not to stay sober. Drinking is a big part of our culture and that is hard to deny. However, there are some of us who need to stay sober while we are traveling. This may be because we want to remain fully in our head while we are out on a business outing, or it could be because we honestly have a problem with alcohol that we are working on. Whatever the case may be, there are a few tips that can keep us sober while we travel.

Selecting Where We Are Going Carefully

You probably know ahead of time if the place that you intend to travel to will have access to alcohol easily or not. There are some places that clearly have a lot more accessibility to alcohol than others. Somewhere like Las Vegas is definitely on the “no” list if you are asking if you should go there if you have an alcohol problem. You do not want to take that risk.

Believe it or not there are sober tours that allow a person to sign up for a tour of an area with others who are trying to remain sober as well. Basically, it connects people who all want to stay away from the drink while they are out traveling. You can still find plenty of other fun things to do while avoiding alcohol entirely.

Keep Your Supporters Nearby 

Those who are supporting you on your journey to remain free of alcohol may or may not be able to actually come along with you on the trip. However, you can at least keep them safe in the sense that you can always text or call them if you are feeling a moment of weakness. It can be a big deal to have someone to talk you off the ledge so to speak when you are away from your home. Make sure you keep those people in mind when you are out somewhere other than home.

Practice Keeping Your Stress in Check

It is definitely a big deal to keep your stress levels within reason when you are traveling. The very act of traveling can bring about a lot of stress for people. You will want to make sure that you do not let it get to you and let it overwhelm you in a way that has you reaching for the drink. It happens more often than people like to think.

You can work on things like coping with your stress from being away. You might try some relaxation exercises or you might decide that you just want to contact those who are near to you in order to help them keep you in check as well.

Think About What You Miss by Drinking

You can actually miss out on a lot if you are drinking the whole time. Think about it. You are in a new city and you are going to waste your time spending it on drink? There is so much more that you could possibly do to enjoy the new area that you are in. You have to realize all that you leave behind when you end up going to the bottle instead of going out and having a good time just visiting the city without alcohol.

This may be the strongest pull for some people. You could literally be wasting once-in-a-lifetime opportunities when you don’t have to. You just have to decide that you do not want to drink at the present time. It would be best if you could give up on the drinking entirely, but this can at least keep you away from drinking while you are traveling.

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