Renting a luxury villa when traveling with large groups in Puerto Vallarta

Everything is better with friends, and Mexico’s stunning beach-side resort town of Puerto Vallarta is no exception. It’s the perfect place for a getaway with family or friends, but where to stay? Puerto Vallarta is home to plenty of small, boutique villas, though most of these primarily cater to couples and small groups. Because of this, most large travel groups tend to end up in larger chain hotels, or spread out across town. However, here’s a secret: there actually are a handful of fantastic luxury villas that do accommodate larger groups. These hidden gems offer the intimacy and attention to detail that characterizes the small, independent luxury villas that Puerto Vallarta is known for, while still providing plenty of space for groups of 20 or more travelers. Here’s three of the best luxury villas around Puerto Vallarta that cater to large groups, with a rundown of how well they stack up to each other.

Casa la Villita

Casa la Villita combines the charm of a classic Mexican villa with resort-style luxuries. Overlooking the azure waters of the Conchas Chinas Beach, this high end villa easily accommodates groups of up to 30. The location is just slightly out of the action, with around a mile separating it from Puerto Vallarta’s old town. Where Casa la Villita really shines is in terms of the attention to detail. Every room is just oozing with character, and they’ve done a great job of blending traditional Mexican aesthetic with clean, crisp modernity. Casa la Villita also gets big points for being well prepared for children, with games on offer, and babysitting services available.

Overall, Casa la Villita is perhaps best suited for large family groups. With a maximum capacity of 30 guests, it could potentially work well for small weddings. Small work retreats are also possible, thanks to the spacious event room.

Casa Yvonneka

Located on the edge of the old town, Casa Yvonneka commands great views of the beach in one direction, and the old terracotta roofs of classic Puerto Vallarta in the other. Casa Yvonneka takes a somewhat more modern tone than la Villita, and features a gym, jacuzzis, heated pool, games room and great lounge area. It’s possible to walk down to the beach, and the old town is likewise just a few minutes away by foot. Their food is also worth mentioning, because it’s nothing short of incredible. However, Yvonneka is noticeably smaller than la Villita, offering just 12 rooms, accommodating around 24 guests. Because of this, Yvonneka is undoubtedly best suited to medium/large groups of friends or family. There’s enough bells and whistles here to keep everyone occupied, but really not enough space for most events.

Villa Mandarinas

Villa Mandarinas has the most space yet smallest sleeping capacity on this list. It can only accommodate a maximum of 22 guests, but don’t let this fool you; Mandarinas is far more spacious than either Yvonneka or la Villita. In fact, its located on a 16,000 square foot estate just outside Puerto Vallarta. It’s an almost untouched stretch of coastline with a forest backdrop. The location is so good, a nearby beach even served as the backdrop of the 1964 romantic drama, The Night of the Iguana. Mandarinas has a strong focus on catering to small events, such as weddings. So if you’re planning on tying the knot, you can send your wedding invitations for your guests to gather in this beautiful location. Guests can make use of the sprawling gardens, bonfire area and dock. Swimming and fishing is also possible. However, all this space is a double edged sword, and anyone hoping to spend plenty of time exploring Puerto Vallarta might find the location inconvenient. Nonetheless, if you have a group that needs a little privacy and a lot of space, then this is the place for you.

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