Should wedding reception be far from the ceremony?

Before finalizing a venue for your reception, you not only need to take into account factors such as the vibe of the place and catering arrangements, you also need to make sure that the ceremony is not too far away from the reception. Looking at the many wedding venues Coventry offers you, how far is too far away? Here are some points to keep in mind.

Duration of the Journey from the Ceremony to the Reception

Yes, you only get married once, but you need to play good hosts to your guests too, who are travelling all the way to grace your occasion. All in all, any destination that asks for more than 30 minutes of travel is too far.

Try to keep the travel distance from the ceremony to the reception under 20 miles or so. If you are picking a reception site that is further than 20 miles, make sure it is a great destination. This makes the long journey totally worth it. You can find great wedding venues in Coventry that are well within this range.

Check out the nearby Reception Destinations First

Before checking out faraway reception destinations, be sure to check out nearby sites first. If you reside in an area that has a public house club or a community centre, it won’t do you any harm to check whether it is the ideal destination for your celebration.

Conduct a thorough research of your local area, who knows? You may just find your ideal destination that is only a few minutes’ drive away. In this way, your guests can attend the ceremony at the church and also be at the reception.

No choice but a long drive

If you have no choice but to go in for a reception site that is miles away or even if you opt to have one that is far away from your ceremony, make sure to give your guests enough time. You need to consider the travel duration and so give your guests breathing space in the form of travel time to reach your reception site. Also check rush hour traffic or any construction work happening en-route to your destination.

Have a shuttle service

If your wedding venue is far away, that is 30 minutes or longer, you can even provide a shuttle service. You can have all your guests picked up from the hotel or ceremony itself. If there are dirty and bumpy roads on the way to the wedding venues in Coventry, make sure your guests are well aware of it so that they know what to expect.

If the ride is particularly long, you can even have guests pack snacks and drink with them so that they don’t starve to death. Make sure your guests know about the pickup time in advance.

The diverse wedding venues in Coventry give you a chance to pick from a country house or a traditional hotel. Ultimately, it all depends on how memorable it is to you and your guests, regardless of the distance.

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