The Perfect Itinerary For A Weekend in Vienna

Vienna, the capital of Austria is one of the most beautiful European cities and an amazing place to spend a weekend of fun in a culturally rich setting. Vienna attracts so many tourists because of its great price, its combination of new and old and its wide range of activities and adventures which it offers tourists. If you want to spend a weekend away in Europe then Vienna should be right at the top of your list and here are just some of things which you can pack in to your break away in the Austrian capital.


The Hofburg Impoerial Palace is a breathtaking building set in the center of Vienna, this 13th Century palace was once the home of the Hadsburg dynasty and is now the seat of governance of the Austrian president. Tourists can take photos from outside the palace, visit the many squares and gardens and even take a tour through the state rooms. If you are here on the weekend then expect many tourists doing exactly the same as you, so get in early.


This huge public park must be seen on a visit to Vienna and it is the perfect place to have a picnic on the Sunday afternoon before you go home. Situated in Vienna’s oldest park is a huge ferris wheel from where you can get the very finest views of the city. The park is pedestrian only and if you want to see it at its best then take a ride on the train which circles the park.

St.Stephen’s Cathedral

The oldest and grandest church in Vienna is St.Stephen’s cathedral, the home of the Archbishop and a church which has witnessed the whole history of Vienna over 9 Centuries. Inside the walls of the cathedral you will find ornate artwork and sculptures as well as beautifully designed satined windows. Even non-Christians will feel chills if they attend mass here such is the sound that echoes around the walls from the choir.


The Vienna State Opera is considered one of Europe’s finest operas and one that can rival any Italian show. If you are lucky enough to be in Vienna when the opera is in town then be sure to try and get yourself a ticket for this outstanding display of musical theater which sees some of the finest opera singers in the World performing.

Spanish Riding School

This riding school is famous the World over for its training of the majestic Lippizan horses which specialize in dressage. The school both trains horses and riders as well as putting on shows for the general public and it is worth making the 1 hour trip outside of the city center to see these phenomenal creatures at work. The school has century’s old tradition of training these horses and the show that they put on is incredible. The best day to see the show is on a Friday evening when you first arrive in the capital.


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