The Perfect Travel bucket list for your Uganda Trip

Invigorating everyone with its charm, Uganda invites everyone with its arms wide open. This place has its own majesty that indulges the visitors to explore and have an experience of the lifetime. Uganda has numerous natural conservations that house a diverse set of animals. The biodiversity in itself is a global charm. This place is finally coming into the mainstream travel and tourism with activities including Wildlife safari in Uganda. The pearl of Africa as it often is referred to as might be small but this place is packed with activities.

  1. Queen Elizabeth National Park

This place is home to animals like cape buffaloes, African elephants and much more. If you are a patient game watcher then you’d really find this place intriguing unless of course, your patience fails to support you. This is one of the most visited parks in Africa. If luck is on your side, you just might see a lion or two lazing around along the lines of Kidepo Valley. If luck decides to double down on you. A leopard might just turn up.

  1. Boat Trip To Lake Bunyonyi

This place roughly translates to a “place for many little birds” and honestly it does live up to its name.  This beautiful lake is surrounded by 29 islands with hillsides on its shore. Travellers who have frequented Nepal might feel a bit nostalgic for it almost feels the same. Visiting this place in the morning hours will give you an ethereal experience, as you slowly paddle your way across the serene waters of Bunyonyi.

  1. Kampala City Tour

Kampala is the city that introduces you to Uganda on a proper note. This place has a lot to offer but those things can particularly be experienced when you take the tour by foot. If walking is stress inducing, get yourself a bike and roam around the city. Enjoy its culture, cuisine and the local markets that sell almost everything. Top attractions of this place are Uganda National Mosque, Lubiri Palace and Hindu Temple.

  1. Gorilla Trek

The global sensation i.e. Gorilla Trekking has somewhat enhanced the charm of travelling here at Uganda. The Bwindi Forest that houses half the global population of Gorillas can also be the perfect place for you to visit if you want a closer look at the lives of these gorillas. Watch them play and thrive in their natural habitat along with other primates that roam around these lands. This place has over 300 species of birds which also gives you a chance to do some bird watching.

  1. Equator

Stand and experience the equator, as you place your two foot at the northern and the southern hemisphere respectively. Don’t forget to take a picture for the ones who keep on commenting “Pics or it didn’t happen”.

Uganda is a place of dreams and you can be a part of it too. With the ease of accessibility that there is, this place should at least be on your travel bucket list.

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