Things You Should Know Before Taking an Alaskan Cruise

Most people associate a cruise with large luxury liners that hop from one amazing place to the next in the warm sunshine. This may be great for a vacation to recuperate, but it doesn’t always satisfy our hunger for adventure or new and unique experiences. One of the best destinations to take a cruise is, believe it or not, in Alaska. This is certain to be a once in a lifetime trip and something that you would recommend to your friends and family. Here are a few things you should know before deciding whether to take a cruise to Alaska.

Expect Amazing Scenery:

The scenery is completely breathtaking at all times of the year that enhances the cruise experience. Expect to see icebergs, seals, and a blanket of white snow expanding across the landscape. Those who do it say it’s much better than one in the Caribbean or Mediterranean. So, why not try an Alaskan cruise for yourself and experience the magic.

Pack the Right Clothes:

The peak season is from May to early September. Be aware that the climate is very chilly up north and you need to pack the right clothes. Bring sweaters and a coat to keep warm when you’re on the deck watching the scenery pass by, as well as a packable rain jacket in case it rains. A typical cruise takes you to see some of the large glaciers and when you go near them, expect the temperatures to plummet. You should remember to pack a warm hat and gloves too even if you’re visiting in the midst of summer!

Choose the Type of Cruise Carefully:

Typical options include a northbound, southbound, or circular cruise. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages and some last much longer than others. Read the descriptions carefully to know exactly what’s included before making your decision. You’re probably not going to take another one anytime soon, so you need to make sure it’s perfect. Consider the itinerary and choose one that’s most suitable for your interests. Different activities include whale watching, visiting the smaller towns, or even panning for gold.

You Need to Be Flexible:

The weather in Alaska is unpredictable and can change from one instant to the next. It may be sunny and clear in the morning, but strong winds and even snow at lunch time! This means tourists need to be flexible with what activities they do and the things they can see. You may find it quite difficult to create a rigid plan on what you want to do as you’re at the mercy of the weather.

The Midnight Sun:

A final point to be aware of is that since Alaska is so far north, some parts experience the midnight sun during the summer. This means that the sun doesn’t really set and you have 24 hours of daylight. Some cruisers find it to be strange at first, but overall a unique experience.

The Bottom Line:

Having a cruise to Alaska offers a different type of trip that’s combined with rugged nature and wildlife. This is certainly going to be one of the best that you can go on for a unique cruise experience.

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