Tips to Keep Your Kids Entertained on a Long Haul Flight

If you have young kids then you will know only too well just how tricky it can be to keep them entertained for any long period of time. This is a challenge in itself when you are at home, let alone if you are on a flight for a long amount of time. Being on a plane is restricting and you won’t have as many options when it comes to keeping them entertained.

Instead of avoiding long haul flights however, because of the challenge of keeping your kids entertained for such a long time, you simply need to ensure that you are on top of your preparations. Whichever the destination happens to be, get yourself on JustFly, weigh up your options and then don’t hesitate to buy tickets for the whole family and whisk them off to somewhere on the other side of the world. To ensure that the kids don’t get bored on that long haul flight, here are some great tips which should help.


Unlike adults, kids have a real ability when it comes to sleeping just about anywhere, and that includes a plane. The easiest situation for both your kids and you as parents is for your children to sleep for as many hours as possible on the flight, so make sure that you prepare well. If you have a night flight then this shouldn’t be too difficult but if you do have a flight in the middle of the day or in the morning, you’ll need to prepare your kids the day before. The key is to ensure that they are tired so don’t let them sleep for as long as they usually would the day before the flight. Wake them up at a different time to ensure that they are tired and sleepy when the flight comes.


A tablet or an E-reader can keep your kids entertained for a while so you should ensure that they are fully charged up and that you have downloaded something for them to enjoy. A great trick here is to get them something new which will keep them occupied. This could be a new movie on the tablet or a new game, alternatively you could download a new book for them to get their teeth stuck into. The key is to break the journey down into hours, and then try your best to find something which will keep them busy for each of those hours.


Although it will bump up the weight of your hand luggage, which is why you should look for the best luggage sets for reduced weight, you should also look to bring lots of crafts and stationary for the kids. Most kids simply need a blank page and some coloring pens in order to stay happy for a while, others may require something a little more challenging. When you have these items it is also important that you are leading it and giving your kids little challenges. Asking them to draw a picture of something or to write you a story is a great way to spark their imagination and keep them entertained on the long flight.

Food and Drink

It is important that you plan well in terms of what you feed your kids ahead of the flight. As we all know drinks and treats with high sugar content will make your kids energetic, which may not be what you want ahead of a trip which they’ll no doubt already be excited about. Keep things simple on the day of travel and give your kids healthy snacks and meals, at least until the final leg of the journey.

Backpack Kit

One of the best ways to make the trip more interesting for your kids and to keep them entertained on the flight is to make them up a backpack kit which they can use to chronicle their trip. Here you can put a disposable camera so that they can snap their adventures, you could also include a pen and a diary, and a small box so that they can keep things that they have found. Kids love this kind of thing and it can keep them busy during the flight.


Very often we overlook the simple things and bury our heads in a gadget or a movie, when talking is one of the best ways to entertain your kids. We don’t get many chances of siting down with our kids for such a long time which gives parents a perfect opportunity to connect with them and actually have a conversation.

Follow these tips and your kids won’t even realize how long they have been on the flight before they arrive.

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