Travel Fashion Do’s And Don’ts For Ladies

For the majority of us ladies, fashion can be a tricky subject, despite the fact that we may read magazines with vast amounts of style tips, that information doesn’t necessarily mean that we are all fashionistas. For some women it comes easy, many it doesn’t and none more so than when we go traveling.

Usually when we travel we need to dress for different conditions than when we are at home, we find ourselves in colder climates where we need to wrap up, sunny climates where we need to be careful about how we flash our flesh and of course, traveling itself which requires careful planning to ensure comfort and style. If you are planning on traveling soon then here are some fashion do’s and don’ts for you to try and stick to.


Lets start with the negatives, the things that you need to avoid which many unfortunately make the mistake of doing.

– Tight Bottoms

The dreaded ‘camel-toe’ is not appealing nor attractive, nor for that matter very fashionable and should be avoided at all costs. This unsightly fashion choice arrives as a result of wearing shorts or leggings which are simply too tight around the groin region. Naturally you want leggings which are tight and comfortable but too tight and you will be making a huge mistake.

– Swimsuit Crimes

Ladies, please take great care when you are buying your next swimsuit and be really honest with yourself when choosing. Ask if you really have the body for a bikini before buying it, if you do then great but if not, you may get a healthy tan all over, but you will unfortunately not look good when doing so.

– Travel Clothes

You may think that dressing up to the 9s in for traveling is a great idea but really, you ought to avoid it as it just looks like too much. Traveling is a lengthy process where you need to make sure that you are comfortable. Despite what many think, fashion and comfort can be mixed and you need to find a delicate balance here, make up and high heel look ridiculous on a long plane trip.


Here are some absolute dead certs when traveling which can help you look cool, stylish and fashionable.

– Jewelry

A little touch of jewelry with your swimsuit or with your daytime outfits adds a real touch of class and far too many people forget about adding accessories to outfits when they travel.

– Ponchos

An absolute must when you are traveling somewhere warm or cold is a poncho, naturally you will use different thicknesses depending on where you go. Ponchos look great, they work well with other clothes and they are functional. If you don’t have a poncho in your closet then it’s high time that you did.

– Multicolored

You may very well have your favorite color and it may look great on you, but please, remember that there are also other colors in the spectrum. Far too many people focus solely on their favorite color and end up with one dimensional wardrobes. Try out different colors when you go to traveling to ensure that you look great in whatever climate you are in.

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