Why All Travelers Should Use Credit Cards

I have been traveling for around 3 years now and it was only last year that I finally decided to get a credit card and applied for the Barclaycard Arrival Plus. Ever since getting this card, my travels have dramatically improved thanks to the benefits that I get with the card and I actually feel slightly foolish for not getting one sooner. I believe that anyone who is looking to seriously travel should get themselves a credit card and actively use it, and here is why.


A cancelled flight, a last minute hotel cancellation and missed connections are all very real probabilities when you are traveling and you can save yourself a great amount of money if you have booked using a credit card. If you pay for something with a debit card and it gets cancelled or there is an issue, you don’t have a leg to stand on in terms of getting your money back. When something like this happens you are forced to go through the company admin system and you are unlikely to get anything back. With a credit card however, you will have payment protection which means that more often than not, you will get your money back should you run into a problem.

Easy Money

For anyone who travels from country to country, the costs and charges of taking out foreign currency can be absolutely astronomical. If however, you are smart in terms of which credit card you apply for, you can get one which charges you nothing for taking out foreign currency and will also give you a far better conversion rate than most banks will for checking accounts.

Rewards and Benefits

The biggest benefit that I have taken advantage of with my credit card is the rewards system which it has in place. Throughout the last year I have taken advantage of free flights using my points, meal offers in fancy restaurants as well as concierge services and airport lounges thanks to my credit card. Each credit card is different and will offer a different range of rewards. You should find the credit card that will best suit you and apply for it so that you can take advantage of the great rewards available.

Emergency Help

There is nothing worse than running out of money or having your money and cards lost or stolen, especially if you are not a credit card customer. If however you are a credit card customer, you can call on them to help you out in the emergency. Aside from the fact that you can use the card if you run out of money, most credit card companies have ways and means of getting cash to you when you are in big trouble. As far as emergencies go, a credit card company are the people that you soul trust to look after you when the worst should happen.

Make sure that you use your credit card regularly to build up your points and be very careful with what you are spending so that you stay in good shape with your credit score.

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