Unusual Ways To Spend Your Honeymoon

So, you have been tasked with planning your honeymoon – it’s an important task. The wedding will be over, the months and months of stress and planning will be out of the way. The honeymoon is the perfect time for you both to relax and enjoy your time together. To make the most of this time, and help your budget stretch, we’ve put together a list of some of the most unusual ways to spend this special time.

1. Go Camping

If you’re looking for trips that offer up such a wide range of experiences, go camping somewhere! A weeklong trip is a great way mesh as a couple. It will be just the two of you against nature and it’s a great chance to see how you both cope when left to the basics.

2. What about a staycation?

This is probably the most unusual for a honeymoon, but you don’t have to venture anywhere. You could stay at home together for a few weeks and really get to know one another. Just think of how amazing it will be not to have to get up and head off to work, disconnect from everyone else, and focus entirely on one another.

3. Book an island getaway

Having an island honeymoon doesn’t have to be expensive at all. You don’t need a 5-star hotel if you are on a budget. Instead, head off to an island to really soak up the atmosphere and enjoy your new spouse’s company. You can book cheap flights, sleep in alternative accommodation, and just enjoy the simple things.

4. Or, splash out on a fancy resort

Alternatively, if money is not a problem, book an expensive spa, resort, or retreat – but you could do so in the city in which you live. You’ll still get to save on transport and airfare, while being treated like royalty. Remember, if you choose to book a honeymoon package, you usually get loads of extra attention and even free amenities.

5. Take a train trip

Often, the journey is just as fulfilling as the actual destination. So, book a train trip, choose a few places to visit, and head off on a honeymoon adventure. See what The Trans-Siberian Travel Company have on offer for some great ideas.

6. Charter a boat

If you both love being on the water, a week-long cruise can set you back a considerable amount of money depending on the destination, and you’ll have to account for travel costs, souvenirs, on-shore excursions, and more. You’ll also be surrounded by loads of people. But, for the same price, if not less, you can charter your very own boat and enjoy an experience for just the two of you.

7. A themed retreat

All around the world you will find weeklong retreats where you and your spouse can totally immerse yourself as a couple into something you both love. Go on a meditation retreat, head to a vineyard, or even take a backpacking adventure.

With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect honeymoon adventure you will both enjoy.

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