Wanderlust: The Best Road Trips Across Europe

If you have got a spot of time, wanderlust and wheels, start your engines. From the sunny coasts of Portugal to the dimmest dungeons of Dracula’s castle located in Transylvania, the following journeys can be easily altered, shortened or combined to suit your wayfaring tastes. We have rounded up the best road trips across Europe! Choose your preferred one and take off!

To Portugal and beyond

You should start in Braga, before heading south to the medieval town of Guimaraes, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Drive east to the châteaux and sharp valleys of Penafiel and Amarante, before you take the beach road to the huge white beaches of Figueira da Foz. From there, it’s on Ericeira, Peniche and then Lisbon: the country’s exciting capital that’s on course to beat out Berlin for Europe’s calmest city.

Head south to Carrapateira, Arrifana and Sagres. After soaking up the sun on the attractive coasts of the Algarve, take this route and drive in the Mediterranean paradise known as Faro.

Perfect for: Beach bums and oenophiles.

Period: 10–14 days.

Tip: Portugal is known to be one among the more inexpensive destinations in Western Europe. This can be a great opportunity if you are travelling on a budget.

Bucharest to Vienna

Board from Bucharest, travelling northward over the Carpathian Mountains to Transylvania. But be sure to make a stop at Bran Castle, known to be an old stamping grounds of Dracula himself.

From there, you can take one of the most amazingly beautiful roads in the world, the Transfagarasan mountain way, towards Brasov and Sighisoara. Then you can set course to the unmapped architectural charms of Timisoara.

Drive through the serene baths and hip ruin pubs of the busy Budapest, and get ready to stay there for at least several days. Afterwards, you can advance to Bratislava, from where it’s only an hour further to the eclectic architecture and coffeehouses of Vienna.

Perfect for: Someone who is looking for a break from the conservative tourism of western Europe.

Period: 7–12 days.

Tip: When driving through tunnels, make sure to be careful. Although the weather seems to be fine, the tunnels can often be slippery.

The Arctic fjords from Bergen to Trondheim

Start your journey in the city of Bergen, and make way past huge fjords to Voss and the immense Tvindefossen waterfall. You can then check the world’s longest tunnel, a cavernous 24.5km route beneath the mountains.

Catch a quick ferryboat through the Sognefjord, and continue your route to the Fjaler valleys, a land of snowy mountain peaks and glaciers, to the lakeside cities of Stryn or the mountain township Videster.

You can then work your way to the well-touristic towns of Geiranger. For the final phase, you can head to the iconic Atlantic Road, and conclude with some merited downtime upon the stilted homes and waters of Trondheim.

Perfect for: Adventure chasers and landscape seekers.

Period: 3–7 days.

Tip: In the event that you plan on road tripping throughout Norway’s winter months, make sure to verify online about the time for road closures.

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