So you have worked as hard as you could have for the last few months, and now you are all set for your next vacation. You have saved up money, chose your destinations, used the best trip planner you could find to research and plan your itinerary and now, the only thing that is left is to pack your bags, and leave for your dream vacation. However, one of the most important thing that you must remember while you are packing your bags for a holiday is, you want to travel light. You cannot pack each and every dress you own and carry around a huge luggage.

But how to look good in those dream destinations you are travelling to, when you cannot take enough clothes with you? You can easily have enough clothes to wear and look fabulous while carrying a minimum number of clothes if you plan your packing smartly. To help you pack your bags and get you photo-ready at the exotic destinations you are travelling to, here is a list of things which you have to pack in your bags to stay fashionable while travelling.


Hats are one of the best things that you have to pack in your bags. They do not take up a lot of space, they do not weigh a lot and yet, they can completely make or break a look. You can wear the same jeans once with a fedora and once with a cowboy hat, and the look will change completely. They are also a great way to add colours to your outfit. Mix and match your hats with your clothes to create new looks every day.


Sunglasses have all the qualities of a hat. They are also small, lightweight and add a lot of style to your outfit. Carry three or four pairs of sunglasses with you to jazz up your look.

Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are one of the most comfortable and versatile things to carry with you when you are going for a holiday. They are extremely comfortable to wear in any weather. So no matter if it is hot or humid, or if you are going for a hike, a pair of boyfriend jeans will surely keep you cool. Also, they can be paired with a lot of things, so you can mix and match to create different looks with only one set of jeans.


Another great accessory to take your holiday-look to the next level is scarfs. They can add a lot of colours and flair to your outfit while protecting you from cold or extreme heat. They are really useful while travelling, as you can use them for protecting yourself from wind, dust, scorching sunlight while looking good.


No matter how many outfits you pack, you cannot be stylish if you do not have the shoes to pair them with. Pack at least three pairs of shoes with you, so that you can wear any type of outfit while you travel.

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